Connected Smart Cities

02-03 October 2017

Application Closed


In conjunction with the 50th anniversary of ASEAN. Singapore Polytechnic is collaborating with Industry Partners and Sponsors: Cisco, Amazon Web Services (AWS), and Bosch for the inaugural ASEAN100 Hackathon: Connected Smart Cities.

We believe this platform gives our ASEAN students the opportunity to collaborate with their peers across ASEAN nationalities, diverse cultures, and collectively discover the potential solutions to problem statements identified. Student teams formed by organizers will devise a solution with computing technologies that are building blocks to a smart city. The benefits from participating in this ASEAN100 Hackathon is immense. Participants will embark on Learning Journeys to acquire the necessary computing and thinking skillsets to help them to excel in ASEAN100 Hackathon; forge new friendships across the ASEAN region; collaborate with each other with productivity tools; access to the infrastructure in a FabLab at Singapore Polytechnic to realise the prototype with digital fabrications.

ASEAN100 Hackathon Top 3 finalist teams will win tickets to attend AWS Public Sector Summit at Marina Bay Sands Convention Center on 04Oct17. The finalists will be pitching their technology based prototype to conference delegates for the coveted First, Second, and Third prizes.

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Submit an individual application form online by 24Aug17 2359.

Successful applicants will be notified by Aug17.

The Organizers will curate the successful applicants into teams. Background of participants in each team will be as diversified as possible.

Sep17: 4 weeks lead time prior to Hackathon for participants to collaborate with respective team members over the Internet. Participants to successfully complete the necessary prototyping execution plans required for the deep need statements identified.

Need help with empathy study or deep need statements pertaining to ASEAN? We strongly recommend Information Sheets made available in Youth Model ASEAN Conference to get started

Online Application

Individual application is open to all students enrolled in education institutions in ASEAN countries, and Hackathon aficionados aged between 18 to 22 years old as of 01Oct17. Please review the necessary listed in Learning Journeys prior to application. Successful applicants will be notified by Aug17. Prospective applicant, please use the following URL to

Application Closed

The application deadline is 24Aug17 2359.

Note: We regret to inform that the Organizers and Sponsors do not provide transport and accommodation to successful applicants in-bound to Singapore to participate in ASEAN100 Hackathon. Food & drinks in due course of the Hackathon are provided by Sponsors.

Judging Criteria

Each team in the Hackathon is required to conduct a 15minutes entrepreneurial pitch to a panel of judges in English language, based on the computing solution prototyped with the use of technology building blocks for smart cities. Top 3 finalist teams will be selected, and to pitch at AWS Public Sector Summit. Non-functional, incomplete or incomprehensible prototypes will be deemed invalid and disqualified.


Top 3 finalist teams will win tickets to attend AWS Public Sector Summit at Marina Bay Sands Convention Center, and an opportunity to pitch to conference delegates for the coveted prizes. Attractive prizes, and the opportunity to keep some of the hardware-on-loan await the top 3 winning teams.

Hardware on loan to each team

• 1 set 37 in 1 sensor kit
• 1 unit Intel Genuino
• 1 unit SPEEEduino & accessories
• 1 unit Amazon Echo Dot
• 1 unit Amazon IoT Button
• 1 unit Bosch XDK
Note: Participants are more than welcomed to bring additional hardware to ASEAN100

Software & Services available to each team

• Cisco Packet Tracer v7.x
• Cisco Sparks
• Amazon Web Services (AWS) credits
• Step by step guide to register for AWS Educate Starter account available here

Note: Participants are not limited to the software listed above. AWS credits can only be applied to regular AWS account, AWS Educate Account (registered with Credit Card), but not AWS Educate Starter Account.

Terms & Conditions Applied

Learning Journeys

Learning Journeys to help participants excel in ASEAN100 Hackathon

Eligibility Criteria:

1. Applicants are highly recommended to self-enrol into Cisco Introduction to IoT course.
2. Applicants are highly recommended to apply for AWS Educate, and start the journey to earn an AWS Educate IoT Badge


Cisco Introduction to IoT, an 20 hour online and self-paced course. This course equip participants with the necessary know how in IoT, and software based lab practical and simulation using Packet Tracer v7. Enrol Cisco Introduction to IoT Existing Cisco NetAcademy Students, please contact your respective Instructor.

Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Sign up AWS Educate with your student email at AWS Educate , embark on either one of the following career paths such as Analytics and Big Data, Cloud Architect, Operations/Support Engineering, Software Development Engineer; select a specific job roles of your choice in the career path. For example: Cloud Architect career path, the specific job roles are Associate Cloud Architect, Cloud Technical Account Manager, Cloud Service Delivery Manager, Cloud Application Architect/Developer. In each of the specific job roles, there are specific skills outlined to be acquired through online and self-paced courses. Unlock the opportunity to earn an AWS Educate IoT Badge by completing at least half of the learning journey for at least one job role of your choice.

Intel Genuino101

Tutorials on getting started with Genuino101 is available here


Tutorials on getting started with SPEEEduino is available here

Design Thinking

A quick writeup on Singapore Polytechnic Design Thinking initiatives


FabLab@SP FaceBook page
Knowledge repository on digital fabrications contributed by staff members of FabLab@SP available here



Jul17: Open for application. Applicants to review Learning Journeys.
Aug17: Application deadline 24Aug17 2359. Shortlisting of applicants by Organizers. Organizers to form teams from successful applicants. Notify success applicants via email, and acceptance.
Sep17: Participants to collaborate over Internet via Cisco Sparks on the computing system to be prototyped.

The actual Hackathon:

Date: 02 Oct 17 (Mon) and 03 Oct 17 (Tues).
Time: 0800 to 1800 (on both days)
Location: Singapore Polytechnic, 500 Dover Road, Singapore 139651.

Top 3 finalist teams to pitch at AWS Public Sector Summit

Date: 04 Oct 17 (Wed)
Time: 0900 to 1700
Location: Marina Bay Sands Convention Center

  Hackathon Venue: Singapore Polytechnic

  Date: 02 Oct 17 (Mon) and 03 Oct 17 (Tues)

  Time: 0800 to 1800 (on both days)